The Healing Journey through Therapy, Let’s Break the Silence

The Healing Journey through Therapy, Let's Break the Silence

Do you find yourself battling a persistent sad or empty mood? Is there a hollowness deep down that makes you feel something is not right? Perhaps these are signs that you should begin your healing journey through therapy. Now comes the big question- Why should you choose therapy? Isn’t it enough to just talk to a friend, take a stroll, or listen to your favourite music? Though all of this can give you temporary relief, it cannot heal you from within. When dealing with severe mental health issues, it’s necessary to seek professional help.

Let’s understand with an example. When you are suffering from high fever, headache, or any other ailment, you visit a doctor for diagnosis, don’t you? Similarly, your mind doesn’t need a walk amidst nature or good music. It needs the right guidance from a person who is trained to provide you with the solution, that is, a therapist. With the right therapy, you can look after yourself better and heal faster. However, before you take any steps, let’s understand the process of healing from a mental health crisis.

When Does the Healing Journey through Therapy Begin?

Imagine that you have been trying to get a new job for months but somehow things aren’t working in your favour. At this time, you begin to question your self-worth. You think that you aren’t good enough and probably don’t deserve a better opportunity. This negativity slowly builds up within you. With time, you may begin to isolate yourself from others and doubt your abilities. It might seem insignificant initially, but this could affect your mental peace terribly in the long run. You should begin your healing journey before things turn worse.

Importance of Therapy

We don’t mind spending on makeup and skincare products to enhance our physical appearance. But we hesitate to visit the therapist for our mental well-being. It’s mostly because of the social stigma attached to it. Now that we are nearing the end of 2023, let’s make a promise to overcome the stigma and embrace our mental health. Seeking therapy and healing from the negativity around us is just as important as healing from a physical disorder.

Therapists are trained to improve our coping skills. Their sessions help us understand better how we should deal with any situation, be it having a fight with our loved ones, drifting away from friends, etc. They also help us understand how we can leave a positive impression on the people we interact with. Most importantly, after we let go of all our worries in a therapy session, we feel lighter and happier. This increases our productivity. For more details on the importance of therapy, click here.

Healing Journey through Therapy, a Step-by-Step Process

Healing is a gradual process. You can see the results when you go step-by-step. The first step is to find a therapist with whom you feel safe and can share your problems without the fear of being judged. Next, you must follow their instructions without any excuses even if you find it hard. Read the books they recommend, share every tiny detail they ask you for, and practice the exercises they suggest. Remember, the hardwork you put in now will bear fruits eventually. Every step counts in your healing journey.

Which is the Right Therapy for You?

Before you begin your healing journey through therapy, you must understand the different types of therapy and which is the most suitable for you. In psychodynamic therapy, you talk about the things on your mind and reveal your innermost emotions. You can even talk of any recurring dream. Your therapist then connects your unconscious mind to your actions and examines your emotions. It’s a long-term process and can go on for a few years.

On the other hand, behavioural therapy studies your behaviour and how it affects your life. Other types of therapy include cognitive behavioural therapy, humanistic therapy, integrative or holistic therapy, etc. The therapy most suited for you will depend upon your specific needs.

While psychodynamic therapy helps you cope with depression, anxiety, and eating disorders, behavioural therapy is helpful in cases of OCD, substance use disorder etc. Similarly, humanistic therapy is mainly used to heal self-esteem or relationship issues. You must first openly share your problems with your therapist and let them decide which therapy suits your condition the best.

Meet Alisha, Breaking the Silence with her Story

Alisha lost her father at a young age. This traumatised her to the extent that she got anxiety attacks even after growing up. She tried to keep herself busy throughout the day just to avoid thinking of the incident. However, her condition worsened day by day. She felt restless, couldn’t sleep well, and suffered from nausea every now and then. Soon Alisha realised that she needed professional help and consulted a therapist. Though her family was not in favour of her decision initially, they supported her when they noticed the changes in her health. With time, she became a more sorted person who focussed better at work, slept well, and felt happier.

Just like Alisha, all you need is a little courage to face your fears. The moment you take a stand for yourself and begin your healing journey, our society will transform into a better place to live. Don’t let the age-old beliefs ruin you. There’s no shame in considering taking therapy when you see your life falling apart.


It’s an essential step to embark on a healing journey through therapy to take care of your mental and emotional wellness. We never ignore our physical ailments, so why neglect our mental health? It’s time to prioritize our mental well-being without succumbing to the societal stigma around seeking help. Skilled therapists help us to cope with life’s challenges, and improve our longevity. Let’s come together to break the silence on mental health and normalise healing through therapy.

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    Very well researched and very well written. Everyone you fears the stigma attached to seeking help should read this to understand they are not alone and help is just one step away if they want.

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    “Now that we are nearing the end of 2023, let’s make a promise to overcome the stigma and embrace our mental health” …… impactful!!!

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    It’s so important that we normalise therapy and do not trivialise our mental health. It’s been so well articulated in this article

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